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Re: Bug#765458: apt: broken cdrom support, breaking installation from weekly ISO images


On Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > if it helps, I could report issues found there more often, I just
> > usually lack time to investigate what happens there, so such bug
> > reports would ften be without much substance. Just "installations
> > hangs, see this screenshot".
> Well I'm ambivalent about this.
> Knowing about issues is nice, no doubt.
> Getting pointed at screenshots without any kind of context, logs, clue,
> or investigation would seem strange to me.

I perfectly understand, that's also why I haven't done this yet. Also, getting 
the logs out (automatically) is planned, just that there are cases where this 
doesn't work / ain't straight forward - writing logs reqires some things, and 
getting them out, some others. (either a valid filesystem or ssh in..) - but 
many cases are about problems before such things are possible...

but I also haven't spend any time on this aspect of jenkins.d.n since a long 
time - but I probably will soonish - and I will have the log problem in mind!
> But then it seems I'm a pain, an elitist, and other things, so don't let
> me stop you.

I'm not sure whether this is directed at me (?), but I don't think you are a 
pain at all, nor elitist! You're definitly other things though ;-D Really, I 
much appreciate your dedication to details and to getting things right! 
Without *your* work in the last few years, d-i would not be as great as it is 

That said, I also appreciate giving people a chance to start (and be!) 
imperfect! ;-)

So I'll try to file "anything" I see as bugs now. Please feel free to close as 
"too crappy"..! :) I'd hope they should be at least good for tracking 
problems, so reassign to qa.debian.org whenever...!


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