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Bug#765976: tzsetup: please don't offer time zone selection for Germany


Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> wrote:
> when installing with location Germany, the choice between Büsingen and Berlin 
> timezone is offered. This choice is funny on first installation(s) but get's 
> tiring rather quickly.
> Büsingen is a tiny German village surrounced by Switzerland, which in 1983 for 
> a summer had a different time (DST vs not) than Berlin. Since then Berlin, 
> Bern and Büsingen run in sync. So this question is totally pointless today. 

It's most probably only a matter of historical reasons, to have this timezone 
in the installer.
Don't know what was the reason for it to be added.

It will have only a benefit for some few people, but may add irritations for
many people installing in German UI (I did not knew Büsingen as well when
I saw it the first time. Had to ask Wikipedia for help. Did not saw such
selection for Germany before somewhere else.)

the other Holger

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