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Bug#765839: task-desktop: installs a non-working dekstop environment on all but 2 archs

Adam Borowski wrote:
> I have tried Gnome3 on:
> * an armhf laptop, Omega OAN133, with:
>   * framebuffer
>   * proprietary Mali drivers
> * an armhf "desktop", hardkernel Odroid U2 (also Mali)
> * powerpc in qemu
> (using an existing system on real metal, d-i on qemu)

What was the result of all these tests?

> Proposed solutions:
> 1. revert to xfce by default :p
> 2. make task-desktop arch:any, with gnome first on amd64 and i386, and xfce
>    (or mate...) elsewhere
> 3. remove the task-gnome-desktop package on !amd64 !i386

Set a better default on a per-arch basis in default_desktop

see shy jo

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