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Re: Need known bug list for Debian Linux

On Mon, 20 Oct 2014, Priyadarshini, Chethana (GE Healthcare) wrote:
> I am Chethana and am writing from Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited.
> We are using the software product 'Debian Linux' version 5.0 on one of
> our embedded medical device. We have been using the software and the
> medical device is in the market from past 6 years.
> We are performing a SOUP(Software of Unknown Pedigree) anomaly for the
> purpose of audit. With regard to this we need to check if the 3rd
> party software which we are using in our product has any known defects
> and its impact on our product. Hence can you please send me the known
> defect list such that we can analyze it and see if it has any impact
> on our medical device.

All of the bugs which are known can be accessed using
http://bugs.debian.org. The precise search that you will have to perform
depends greatly on the software versions from Debian which you actually
have installed on your device.

But briefly, for each of the packages installed, you can check for a
search like:


and then exclude bugs which are fixed or absent in the version that you
searched for.

All of that said, Debian 5.0 (Lenny) has been EOLed for well over three
years now, and likely has known remote root exploits.

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