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Bug#765757: live-installer: Installation fails when using a non-en locale when trying to mount /proc

Package: live-installer
Version: 39
Severity: important

I've heard a repeated complain from people in the Italian FLOSS
community that the (live) installer for debian stable (wheezy) does not 
work, but none of those actually affected could be bothered to open 
this bug, so I'm reporting it.

>From the reports I've read, the problem seems to be in all of the debian
live images (two that were explicitely mentioned was 
debian-live-7.6.0-amd64-xfce-desktop.iso and its x86 equivalent, but I 
believe that somebody else had the problem with the gnome one) 
and happens when installation in Italian has been selected, but not 
when installing in english.

One of the reports that I've found online is
the relevant part says:

"At startup (sic) after choosing the language, while installing the base
packages, you get this error on output:

  Failure trying to run: chroot /target mount -t proc proc/proc


and confirms that a subsequent installation in english was successful
(and gives instructions to set the language to italian after

I don't usually use the live installer (and install in english anyway),
so I've never actually met this problem, but from what I've read it 
seems to be quite easily reproduced, so I hope this report will be

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