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Re: partman-zfs upload?

On 09/10/14 11:46, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> On 09/10/14 07:44, Christian PERRIER wrote:
>>   * When creating new zpools, disable optional features including
>>     lz4_compress, because that will require grub-pc >> 2.02~, which is
>>     in sid but not jessie yet. (Closes: #764287)
>>     Please revert this after grub-pc >> 2.02~ migrates.
> Yes, please upload that for me;  thank you!

Thanks Christian for uploading that;  although newer GRUB was hinted
into testing today, so I'd like to revert that change already:


Please could you upload partman-zfs/40 sometime before freeze?

Steven Chamberlain

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