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Bug#765046: base-installer: Unable to find a kernel to install, installation not possible

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> (2014-10-13):
> I was unable to find a bug about this already reported, so here we go.
> Not quite sure which package to report the bug against, so I start with
> base-installer.  We see this problem in Debian Edu using our ISOs when
> trying to install Jessie, but it affect other ISOs too.

Recent entries of apt's changelog contains bits about cdrom-related
regressions. Might be worth investigating as a (not so) wild guess.

> Perhaps the kernel installation step should be moved from base-installer
> to pkgsel, to make sure the APT sources are consulted too when looking
> for a kernel to install?  It is already discussed in bug #339876 with a
> different angle.

I think I already stumbled upon this bug report and I'm fine with the
current status (wontfix).


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