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Bug#764277: Graphical DE task don't install any DE

Baptiste Jammet wrote:
> Testing debian-jessie-DI-b2-kfreebsd-amd64-netinst.iso under qemu-kvm,
> if I only choose "Graphical desktop environment", d-i doesn't install any
> DE, just something like desktop-base. It seems that I have to choose 
> explicitly.
> (Tested 2 times)

Oct  6 17:03:32 in-target: Paquets recommandés :
Oct  6 17:03:32 in-target:   aspell-en aspell-dictionary aspell6a-dictionary debian-faq apt-howto-fr
Oct  6 17:03:32 in-target:   mailx libc6-dev libc-dev myspell-fr myspell-fr-gut iamerican
Oct  6 17:03:32 in-target:   ispell-dictionary xfonts-mathml hdparm ethtool kbd console-tools
Oct  6 17:03:32 in-target:   task-gnome-desktop task-xfce-desktop task-kde-desktop task-lxde-desktop
Oct  6 17:03:32 in-target:   task-cinnamon-desktop task-mate-desktop iw alsa-utils alsa-base

These package which were not installed, are mostly direct Recommends
of the task-desktop package. So it seems that Recommends were either not
being installed, despite tasksel running apt-get -o APT::Install-Recommends=true
or some dependency issue prevented installing those Recommends.

Also, tasksel should default to selecting the xfce task on kfreebsd.
This can be tested in an already installed system by running:
sudo tasksel -t --new-install

Hopefully that's enough to let someone who has the bandwidth to look at what's
causing this problem on kfreebsd.

see shy jo

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