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Debian Jessie Beta 2 - USB thumb drive not recognized after installation


After writing debian-jessie-DI-b2-amd64-DVD-1.iso to a USB drive, I installed Debian Jessie with it. I followed the instructions on the monitor asking me to remove the USB stick upon a successful installation. I had opted for a base/net install.

I rebooted my computer and was taken to a console. After I had input the login credentials, I issued the command

sudo apt-get install xorg

An error message appeared on the black screen telling me that I had to re-insert my USB drive. I did as instructed, re-typed the command

sudo apt-get install xorg

and the same error message appeared.

I googled for answers and it appears that the above problem has existed since Debian Wheezy. Someone even feedback to the Debian team about the same problem regarding Debian Jessie a few months ago.

Could the Debian Installer team provide a fix for the above issue?



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