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Bug#756593: busybox's switch_root makes read-only NFS root read/write

Hi Michael,

Am 29.09.2014 um 08:37 schrieb Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>:

> [Rehashing a somewhat old thread...]
> 08.08.2014 14:55, Zimmermann, Alexander wrote:
>> So here is the full output. Vanilla Linux 3.16. No patches. There is definitely something
>> broken in the userland. I will set up a new image via debootstrap next week.
> So, Alexander, did you succeed in finding what turns your root
> read-write?  

Actually, I was not able to find the culprit. I set up a new
sid image from scratch (the old one was an upgrade from wheezy)
and this time w/o any problems. 

> Since you confirm the bug is not in busybox, I'm
> about to close this bug report,

Yes. I agree.

> or maybe we should reassign it
> to some other package instead, because it contains quite some
> useful debugging information and it'd be sad if this info will
> be lost…

But if we close the ticket the info ration is not lost.


> I still can't reproduce the problem you describe.
> Thanks,
> /mjt

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