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Re: Artwork for jessie?

Le jeu. 28 août 2014 à 11:29, juliette.belin@free.fr a écrit :

Thank you Valessio !
All the svg files are in the archive.

I'm working on the DVD cover. Is there a specific text to add on the back ?

I don’t think so. By the way, I’m not sure that providing a DVD cover is mandatory. I do not remember if Adrien provided one for Wheezy’s theme (Joy).

Some wallpapers formats are still missing (1280x1024 & 1600x1200)

I’m wondering if 21:9 aspect ratio is popular enough ? If that’s the case,
it would be great to provide a wallpaper for theme (2560×1080).

and the Plymouth theme (I was thinking about a line representing the process but I dont know how to do that... maybe a script ?).

I don’t know Plymouth well enough but I guess you would have to
decompose your progress bar by creating a picture for each progression step (pixel by pixel‽). Then, I think you would have to incrementaly load your
progress bar pictures (using a "for" loop) in your "lines.script" files.

But let’s wait someone with deeper knowledge about Plymouth.

The GTK theme is missing too, I don't really understand how it works...

You shouldn’t provide a GTK/Qt theme. They are handled by the revelant desktop
environment teams!

Do I need to do the .deb too ?

No idea.


Wish you a good week-end,

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