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Bug#758116: tasksel: Allow to select Blends selection during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough

On 14/08/14 12:26, Andreas Tille wrote:
> IMHO it would do a nice service to our users to promote these topics on
> our installers at the time when tasks will be selected.

I think this is brilliant.  It puts much-deserved attention on the
blends, and allows to deliver the Debian 'product' in ways that better
fit with realised use cases.

The featured blends could give their product away much more easily:  it
would just be a regular Debian install disc.  (Perhaps allow the
bootloader to pass in a 'default blend' parameter - for someone who
customises the disc's artwork / physical packaging to their blend - but
still keep the others listed in the installer to cross-promote them.)

Steven Chamberlain

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