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Bug#759336: linux-i386 lowmem install: anna fails with ENOSPC

On 26/08/14 15:05, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> [...]  We can however do this early at boot:
> mount / -o remount,size=$(( $(grep ^MemTotal: /proc/meminfo | { read x y z; echo $y; }) * 1024 )
> notably before unpacking .udebs, S15lowmem would probably be a fine
> place for this? (it notably already does the computation trick)

Yes I think it could go there, but remembering that this is needed
whether the installer decides to go into low-memory mode or not.

Apparently you can just say size=100%

It could be any value sufficiently larger than 50%, but I think I'd
prefer 100% so that - in case of a bug that fills the tmpfs - memory
exhaustion happens rather than ENOSPC, because the latter might not
leave space for an explanation to be written to syslog.

mount(8), Mount options for tmpfs:
>        size=nbytes
>               Override default maximum size of the filesystem.   The  size  is
>               given  in bytes, and rounded up to entire pages.  The default is
>               half of the memory. The size parameter also accepts a  suffix  %
>               to limit this tmpfs instance to that percentage of your physical
>               RAM: the default, when neither size nor nr_blocks is  specified,
>               is size=50%

Steven Chamberlain

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