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Re: Debian installer and CD BoF: my views for jessie

On 25/08/14 04:55, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>  * Architecture support: my own, limited testing made me discover how
>    badly broken d-i on GNU/kFreeBSD was, and I shared my concerns some
>    days ago with BSD people and the release team. I haven't seen anyone
>    commit to fixing d-i there and making sure it's kept in a good shape.
>    [ To be determined, needs release team input at least. ]

But I provided patches already for all the important issues you
mentioned:  #757985, #757987, #757988
and at least replied about the other, to say that it's not a blocker for
jessie release:  #757986

In case you still need me to say it explicitly, I am committed to
testing for and fixing kfreebsd d-i issues between now and release.
I'll be trying to automate some of this too (initially my own thing,
hopefully leading to jenkins.d.n integration someday).

I admit I was not doing full test installs since the d-i alpha (though I
was doing daily builds of it as part of the kfreebsd 10.1 kernel
packaging work).  I still thought it was early days to worry about d-i,
and didn't know the Beta 1 was coming.  I watched Steve's talk and I do
understand the need for this to happen now.

Thank you,
Steven Chamberlain

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