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Changing in d-i manual: head up

Hello <all translators of xml-based translations>,

today I have introduced some changes in files of all xml-based translations 
of the debian-installer manual to sync them with english.

The changing is basically: 
Since the graphical installer is to become the default installer for
i386 and amd64 in the Jessie release, it is no longer appropriate, that
the graphical installer is "only" documented in an appendix of the manual.
Therefore the content of ../appendix/graphical.xml was moved from that 
appendix to regular parts of the manual. The appendix is no longer


This moving is already complete for all xml-based translations!

But there is one small changing, which has to be done by you
in ../using-d-i/using-d-i.xml (at the beginning of <sect2 id="gtk-using"> ):

- As already mentioned, the graphical installer basically works the same as the regular installer 
+ The graphical installer basically works the same as the regular installer 

I forgot to note this changing in the commit message, and since there might
be the chance that you miss that change, I thought I give you all this
pointer :-)

Thanks for updating the d-i manual translations


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