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Re: Re: the audio group

Adding the first user to group audio shouldn't break any ACL management
that is done by systemd-logind.

It just means, the first user *always* has access to the audio device,
no matter if his session is marked active for he is logged in locally.

So he get's access even when e.g. logged in remotely via SSH.

I'll leave that up to others to decide if that is a security issue or
not. For a single user system, it probably doesn't matter.

As was pointed out in another thread [1], the first user is also added
to a couple of other groups.
At least for the major desktop environments like GNOME or KDE, that is
no longer strictly necessary. Since they use polkit nowadays:

udisks(2) (removable media): obsoletes plugdev, cdrom, floppy
NetworkManager (network): obsoletes netdev

For video and audio, we have systemd-logind device ACLs.

I dunno, if the less popular desktops still require/use those groups.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2014/08/msg00383.html
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