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Bug#752002: cdebconf: Please run maintainer scripts in correct selinux context

Hi Laurent,

On 18/06/14 18:27, Laurent Bigonville wrote:
> Package: cdebconf
> Version: 0.191
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> Since 1.17.0, dpkg is trying to run the maintainer scripts in a
> different context based on the file context and fallback on
> "dpkg_script_t".
> OTHO, a maintainer script run by dpkg-reconfigure is never transitioned
> out of the "dpkg_t" context.
> The maintainer scripts run by dpkg-reconfigure should also transition to
> the appropriate context.
> Since libselinux 2.3, the setexecfilecon() function can be called for
> every maintainer scripts just before they are executed.

I had a look at it this morning. As I'm not really a SELinux specialist,
so I have a question. Would it make sense and be safe to apply it for
all scripts run from cdebconf ? That would include dpkg-reconfigure, but
also dpkg-preconfigure, and when cdebconf is called from dpkg (dpkg
calls the script, which calls (c)debconf, which in turn exec the script

Is the required modification then as simple as this ?

+ setexecfilecon(argv[1],"dpkg_script_t");
  if (execv(argv[1], args) != 0)


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