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Bug#758167: installation-reports: System does not reboot automatically after install is finished

Hi Tony,

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 07:58:37PM -0300, Tony Rowe wrote:
> didn't expect that.  It all worked very well with only the one minor problem at the end of the install.
> I selected LXDE desktop for this install. The remove-install-media-and-boot-into-the-new-system step left the 
> machine hanging with a blank screen, except for a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.
> Now, "shutdown" and "reboot" from the LXDE desktop-menu at the bottom right corner of the screen (which 
> announces itself with the question, "Logout LXDE testing session?") also fail: clicking on them just does 
> nothing at all (which is not exactly the same thing as hanging the system).  Still, could the hang at the end of 
> my install be a LXDE/systemd problem?

D-I doesn't run systemd during installation, so it's higly unlikely that
the reboot failure after the final step of the installation is a systemd

The failure to shutdown from the LXDE start menu might be related to
systemd, but this is no longer a D-I issue. So I guess you best file a
separate bug against xfce for this particular problem.

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