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Bug#709883: Bugs which do not belong to console-setup

Am 07.08.2014 12:32, schrieb Anton Zinoviev:

> I have two bugs reported against console-setup about keybord not working 
> properly under X Window.  In both cases I have asked the reportes to 
> provide the file /etc/default/keyboard and in both cases the file was 
> correct.  Therefore, the bugs are not related to console-setup in any 
> way.
> Unfortunately X Window and the various desktop environments are 
> something I don't understand well enough, so I have no idea where to 
> reassign these bugs.  In result, at the moment both bugs are completely 
> ignored.
> Please advise what should I do in such cases.
> The bugs are: 
> #709883 - reported 14 months ago and #724869 - reported 10 months ago.

Wrt. #709883 the original bug reporter (OBR) wrote:

> [...]
> I tried with gdm3/ligthdm/only startx, and the problems is still
> here. It seems related to X or udev since the upgrade, because gnome
> is well set and gives a french keyboard (macbook pro one), and for
> awesome, my main wm, i have to setxkbmap fr in ~/.xsession to get a
> french keyboard layout
> [...]
> I'm still trying to figure out how to get french back at dm greeter

So most window managers and login managers don't get the keyboard right,
however gnome does.

The correct/wrong keyboard setup/information must come from *somewhere*,
but from where?

So one thing the OBR could do to figure out what's going on is to
"strace -f" startx and the gnome startup, figure out which files are
being accessed (only stat, open and mmap calls are of interest I guess)
and then compare the produced lists.

Otherwise, if nobody can figure out what's going on, or the OBR doesn't
care any more either the OBR or the console-setup maintainers can decide
to close the bug, since no way forward can be made unless there's more
info. Or leave it open.

HTH a bit,

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