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Bug#757711: Bug#757988: kfreebsd: troubles with dhcp (configuration going away)

On 13/08/14 02:56, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> So, using debian-jessie-DI-b1-kfreebsd-amd64-netinst.iso with DHCP, an
> error is shown right after the mirror selection, since network
> configuration obtained through DHCP is lost at this point. It would be
> nice to make sure what triggered this issue before blindly applying a
> patch against netcfg IMHO.

I'm not in any doubt about what's triggering it:

In an expert-mode install, you will be asked for the hostname and domain
to use.  At that stage, dropping to alt-f2 console you can see the
network is up and configured[0], dhclient running.

Only after proceeding past those prompts does netcfg decide to kill
dhclient, the log mentions a DHCPRELEASE which is from the signal
handler, just after
> Aug 11 11:12:22 netcfg[1872]: DEBUG: State is now 6

Where state 6 is DOMAIN from the enum here:

With the change from https://bugs.debian.org/757711#52 that no longer
happens, and I still have network connectivity thereafter.

My remaining doubt is whether it is any problem to keep dhclient (or
udhcpc on Linux) running during the install.  It seems desirable to me,
but I have to wonder why the code was ever there to kill it.  Or why
Ubuntu chose to use dhclient -1 (exit after getting lease) instead.

[0]: it doesn't set the netmask properly, bug coming for that soon

> Switching to vt2 (alt-f2), and typing this allowed me to resume my
> (kvm-based) installation test:
>   ifconfig re0
>   route add default

I'd put the word 'netmask' in there before, but otherwise
that's right, although it may be interface em0 under plain Qemu.

Steven Chamberlain

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