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Bug#514464: Unexplained drawback in my workaround configuration

Hi, on an azerty french mapped keyboard, the above configuration disable the ability to write É, È, Ç and À with Caps+(é, è, ç or à on digits keys in the superior area of the keyboard). About the "Caps_On" key definition, I can guess that it is supposed to work like a "Shift_Lock"... But, what I really don't understand is the fact that the "Pause" key, becoming a "Caps_Lock"(so, I was guessing, like the original behaviour of the original "caps lock" key) suffers frome the same issue! Additionnaly, it lights up the led, at the contrary of the default "caps lock" key(and which is the original covered in this ticket)

Sincerely and full of wonderness, Stephane Ascoet

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