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libespeak / espeakup


Some time ago, I realized that espeakup-udeb needs to be rebuilt on each
new upstream libespeak upload, because libespeak needs an exact match
between the library version and the data version, and espeakup is linked
statically against libespeak. So whenever we get a new upstream version
of the espeak-data-udeb package, we have to relink espeakup statically
against the corresponding libespeak.a.

Since this is an unfortunate thing, I considered rather linking
libespeak.so statically and ship it into a libespeak-udeb package, which
would thus be upgraded at the same time as espeak-data.  Linking
a library statically is however way more involved: one needs the -fPIC
.o files of the libraries being linked in.  It happens that libespeak
uses libsonic, libportaudio, and libjack.  We could either

- introduce libsonic-pic, libportaudio-pic, libjack-pic built with -fPIC
- introduce libsonic-udeb, libportaudio-udeb, libjack-udeb, and just use
normal dynamic linking.  That would however eat more space.

Currently, espeakup is about 470KiB big on amd64

A quick build of -Os versions of the libraries on amd64 gives:

- espeakup: ~20KiB
- libespeak.so: 235KiB
- libsonic.so: 14KiB
- libportaudio.so: 165KiB
- libjack.so: 80KiB

So it wouldn't eat much more space.  So shall we go with introducing 3
more -udeb libraries?


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