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Failure's and Buggs I have found

Hi Team from Debian Installer

I have found some issues I would like to bring to you attention.

During an install of Debian Wheezy Version 7.0.4 and others.
I have found the following issues:
1) Network Configuration fails to get default gateway or route, if the:
		 contains multiple ip-addresses
			option routers ip-address, ip-address;
	If at that point you configure the gateway manually
		it still fails during the repository configuration with the message:
			"no default route"
		         or "no default gateway, do you wish to continue without" 

2) Configuring disks
	The partition manager fails to set the "Yes format it" parameter if you 
are reusing the existing partition table on a drive and just want to 	reformat 
it and continue using the same partition sizes. 

	It also sometimes shows a little 'f' and other times a big 'F" 
        After deleting the partition:
            it returns with the label already filled in.
            Other times it does not display a place to fill in the label.

Thank you for you time
if you have any need for this information and need more input
contact me at 

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