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Bug#728706: Debian-installer crashes on IA64 in HPVM (Integrity Virtual Machines)

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20131104
Tags: ia64
Severity: grave

Booting debian 7.x installer isos in an Integrity VM (virtualization on top of
HP-UX/IA64) causes a guest crash after loading the initrd (the menu does work,
and the crash happens regardless of selecting 'Install' or 'Expert'):

	Uncompressing Linux... done
	Loading file \initrd.gz...done
	**** Dumping Guest Image ****
	**** Done with dump (3820Kbytes) ****
	*** VM restarting ***

Logs show little useful stuff (/var/opt/hpvm/guests/VMLINUX/log):

	Virtual machine started at Mon Nov  4 14:15:14 2013
	timeofday: sec=0x5277abf2 usec=0xe1521
	Device file = /var/opt/hpvm/uuids/eb3bbb9a-cb38-11e1-9c00-00306e38294a/vm_dev
	Ldom binding 0
	allocation    512 MB ratio 256.00 MB per page
	Watchdog Timer flags loaded: expiration(0x0) use(0x0)
	Watchdog Timer flags saved: expiration(0x0) use(0x0)
	Virtual machine stopped at Mon Nov  4 14:15:19 2013

There is a 3911856 byte vm.core file which I presume is the dump mentioned in
the console. 

Debian 6.0 does boot, although it lacks drivers for the virtual disks. Debian
5.10 works completely (boot and drivers).

Host machine: HP zx6000, 2 x single core Intel (R) Itanium 2 Processor (Family 31 Model 1 stepping B1 == Madison 1.5GHz)
Host OS: HP-UX B.11.31
HPVM version: B.04.30.00
Debian iso: debian-testing-ia64-netinst.iso (2013-11-04); identical results with 7.0 and 7.1

I'd like to get Debian running on my HPVMs again - 5.10 is really, REALLY old by now.



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