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Bug#720898: netinst cd on Haswell: No ethernet card detected

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20130613

Trying the Stable debian-installer on a Haswell PC
(Intel DH87MC) I got no network connection. d-i said:

	No ethernet card detected

Manually choosing the e1000 or e1000e did not help.

Since Testing/Unstable is not an option in this case,
this is a serious problem. Without network its _highly_
difficult to install the backports kernel. For the
netinst CD this failure is fatal.

I would suggest to improve compatibility to Haswell
in d-i for Stable. Of course I understand that Haswell
is still very new, but Wheezy is supposed to last for
yet another year.

Many thanx. Keep on your good work.

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