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Bug#664420: About offering Latin-based Uyghur in Debian Installer


Sorry for missing this bug report when you sent it.

You request there a way to have a Debian Installer translation in
Uyghur with Latin script.

I have no strong opinion about that, but that would need going through
the Debian Installer New Language Process described in the D-I i18n


I would also suggest coordination with people currently working on the
Arabic-script-based Uyghur translation, namely Gheyret Tohti,
Abduqadir Abliz and the Uyghur Computer Science Association.

I woyld of course welcome such translation, assuiming it has some real
use (in short that latin-based Uyghur is widely-enough used to warrant
such work).

In the meantime, I consider closing this bug report, as adding a language in D-I
cannot easily be handled through a bug report, indeed.

The New Language Process is a multi-step process that usually includes
the debian-i18n mailing list, which is better suited for this(but you
obviously couldn't know...and sorry again for not noticing your bug
report when you sent it 1.5 years ago).

Thanks to Holger Levsen for digging this bug report out of the pile of
dust accumulated over D-I bug reports.


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