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Bug#720439: console-setup: /etc/default/console-setup values overwritten on upgrade

Thank you for your bug report.  Unfortunately we need more information 
in order to tell what exactly is the problem.

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 03:36:21PM -0500, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> A few days ago an update to console-setup arrived in Sid.  I have 
> chosen not to use the default fonts on my consoles and have set 
> FONTFACE and FONTSIZE to empty strings only to have them replaced by 
> other values.

Which file have you edited?  I suppose /etc/default/console-setup? What 
values have been given to FONTFACE and FONTSIZE by the automatic update?

> The result is a poor quality font on my hardware

The font according to the new values of FONTFACE/FONTSIZE or the 
hardware font of you video adapter is poor quality?  Did console-setup 
configure a font on the console or it leaved the hardware font 

> and I once again must edit console-setup and reboot for my chosen 
> settings to take effect.

I suppose you set FONTFACE/FONTSIZE to empty strings and FONT points to 
your non-standard font?

> The package should either not touch locally applied settings, where I 
> presume /etc/default are to be set, or prompt the administrator to 
> approve the changes (if the package does so but is not prompting me, a 
> gentle reminder on how to enable such notifications will be welcome).

Console-setup should not touch your locally applied settings (unless 
there were some errors in the configuration files, in which case the 
files will be repaired silently with no prompting).

Please report if the following command damages your settings in 

apt-get install --reinstall console-setup

If it does please send us the original and the changed variants of the 
file /etc/default/console-setup.

Anton Zinoviev

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