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Bug#720339: debian-installer: Be sure of the keyboard binds before entering the passwords

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):
> Hello tueslibre,
> Tuxicoman <debian@jesuislibre.net> (2013-08-20):
> > A proposal to fix this bug vould be :
> > 1. Have another texbox on the same screen where the user could test his
> > keyboard layout.
> > 2. Have an option to not mask the password in the textbox while typing it like
> > we have on Android for example (only the last letter is shown)
> 2. has been mentioned in other bug reports already (WEP/WPA passphrases
> notably), and looks like a good idea. Needs someone to implement it
> though.

I however wonder what this has to do with the installer. So we now
have yet another wrongly assigned bug report that will quietly sleep
in the BTS until someone takes care to triage it.

In this case, it is however difficult to reassign as it should
theoretically assigned to everything that prompts for a password
(crypto stuff, login, various display managers, etc, etc.)

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