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Bug#720073: grub fails to install with root partition >~50GB

On Sunday 18 August 2013, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> If GRUB installed successfully, and you booted it, it would then need to
> load the kernel image and initramfs into memory.  AFAIK it would be
> unable to do that if those are inside of the encrypted LVM.  (The wheezy
> version of GRUB2 can't itself open the encrypted LVM, and the kernel
> would be not running yet).
> ...

Hi Steven,

Sorry - (I knew there would be something I forgot to mention) - I did have a separate /boot partition of 300M. And when I tried to proceed without one, d-i did indeed warn me about that. So everything was fine as far as that's concerned.


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