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Bug#719101: netcfg: provide a clean way to change default hostname (for derivatives)

On Thu, 08 Aug 2013, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > Unfortunately this has bad side-effects such as the impossibility to
> > actually automate a PXE install because the "seen" flag is always reset
> > to false (even if we pass "hostname=kali" on the kernel command line).
> Use hostname?=kali on the kernel command line instead?

That goes in the opposite direction. This ensures that the seen flag stays
at false. I really want seen=true so that the question is not
displayed but since the initrd contains seen=false, the seen=true set
by the early preseed from the kernel command line is reverted...

At least that's my understanding of the problem I have been experiencing.

Another solution would be to have a two-step parsing of kernel command
line preseeds, we could add "!hostname=kali" or something like that would
be only parsed after the initrd preseed and would thus override those set

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