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Hi there My name is Alan Hutchinson and I would like to install Debian on a
raid 0 system that I have at home , on my home network that I created, I
have bean reading up on some of the things that I will need to complete a
successful install, for example the raid manager (MDADM) and you also
DebianInstaller does not include a driver for my xyz network card, but I
have (tarball) driver sources. What are the steps for building that driver?

A: It's possible to do this, but we do not yet have good end-user docs
explaining how to do so. We're waiting for an end user to accomplish it and
write them from experience. We're glad to help you through the process, I
have a brand new D-LINK 2320 that I would like  to install with  Debian
installation, I have not tried to do an "LSPCI-V" on the raid hardware as
yet, I can do that with PUREDYNE, and send you the data ,  B.F.N  Alan
Hutchinson .

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