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Bug#718855: desktop=xfce installs Gnome stuff and evenmore gnome appears as the default window manager from lightdm


I think that installation of complete Gnome even with the election of
XFCE is caused by network-manager-gnome package. I use wifi connection
to install from debian-installer.

If this network manager is installed, then all Gnome installs, because
its default configuration is to install recommended packages, as well.

Instead, I tried to do:

apt-get install network-manager-gnome --no-install-recommends

and then only dependencies are installed (not all Gnome, only about 30
MB. It was hundreds, with the default!)

I don't know if this should be reported to network-manager-gnome
maintainers, but I wanted to inform here (I know that in the past
there was an intense discussion about this issue...)


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