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Mass-commit packaging changes

I'd like to commit a couple of packaging changes that affect a few of
debian-boot@ packages.

* Bump Debhelper to version 9
This will stop calling pythonsupport & will potentially gain shorter
dh sequences executed.

* Change VCS-* URLs to point to standardised anonscm.d.o URLs:
Instead of git.debian.org anonscm.debian.org URL is preferred, and
e.g. python teams did a blanket switch. There is a lintian info tag
about this as well.

* For native packages, specify "3.0 (native)" source format
The difference from 1.0 native is by default all VCS specific files
are ignored (e.g. .git & .svn)

If there is anything else to mass change, please let me know.

Ditto, if you are unhappy about any of the above let me know.

Otherwise I will make such a blanket commit across our packages in a
couple weeks time.



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