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Re: D-I localization : the game resumed...

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
> Hello fellow translators,
> After a few uneventful weeks, developers began breaking statistics all
> over Debian, as expected..:-)
> You probably noticed the bunch of packages with new debconf templates
> : as usual, I suggest waiting for English reviews (the ones that I
> announce here) before starting to work on them....unless there is an
> explicit call for translations.
> Debian Installer work also resumed and, today, we got our first
> breakage of the nice 100%, with a change in "rescue" templates.

and later on partman-zfs ones...

For clarity let me explain the sequence of events, as some of you
might have been surprised to be notified, yesterday, of changes in
their translations, update them and be surprised to be notified of
changes *again* this morning ("morning" for those of you based around

Sometimes, package maintainers commit changes without prior discussion
in git master branches of packages. therefore, the l10n sync script
cathes that the night that follows (it is launched at 22:00 UTC) and
the automated notification mails you (and me!) about changed
translations at 05:00 the day after.

Usually I scream something like "WTF" and check what changed. Often, I
scream once again because the wording is not consistent with other
templates (see "filesystem" or "fs" in partman-zfs yesterday).

If I'm fast enough, I catch that, commit changes, relaunch the l10n
script manually before you guys get the PO files. That usually happens
but not always.

If I'm not fast enough, then you guys will update your translations
but, in the meatime, I'll make corrections, then the l10n script
catches them and then you get re-broken translations the day after.

Which is what some you you will get today....:-)

Of course, the French translator has less trouble because he knows
what's going on and knows when the files are exactly ready for
translation...:). There *has* to be a small advantage for the French

In short: now you can update rescue and partman-zfs (that moved to
sublevel 4). What you did yesterday is not lost but might have been

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