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Bug#699390: debian-policy: soften the wording recommending menu files

Hi Russ, hi Sune,

I'd like to second this request to reword the current section in the
policy regarding menu files, suggesting fdo .desktop files as the
recommended mechanism and make it clear that .menu files are only really
relevant for legacy or more exotic window managers.
Sune's patch looks fine to me.

As Sune already pointed out, the addition of menu-xdg actually is
harmful in case of modern DEs like KDE or GNOME, where the entries
generated via menu-xdg, duplicate a lot of existing entries, with no
icons or low res bitmaps, not translations etc and clutter it up in a
very bad way.
In GNOME shell this even leads to wrong application tracking, if the
wrong menu entry is chosen. That's why we decided to actively hide the
Debian menu.

Regarding the same issue, I talked to Christian, as tasksel
co-maintainer, a while ago, to drop menu from the desktop task. If my
memory serves me well, he basically agreed, but was worried, that my
request came rather late into the wheezy release, so I've filed [1] and
hope we can resolve that for jessie.


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=699390
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