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Re: Bug#705802: installation-reports: installation for blind people

Control: reassign -1 cdebconf


Hans, le Sat 20 Apr 2013 11:41:23 +0200, a écrit :
> Boot method: CD
> Image version: latest

You mean RC1, or the daily build at that time?

> IMO most points are working fine.

Cool, thanks :)

> 1. The "?" is not spoken. The speeker says: "Fuer Hilfe" and forgets the
> question mark. Maybe you there should be a tect input, like "hilfe" or
> "help" or whatever, so that the blind person clearly knows, what to enter.

That would prevent from creating a user named "hilfe" etc. That's why
shortcuts are used.  It is known that they are not spoken, see bug
#690343.  I've tried to patch espeak in order to do it but it wasn't so
simple, I didn't have time to finish that.

> 2. At the point, where the basic installation starts, there should be a
> little loop, what is telling, what the computer is doing, maybe some audible
> output like "Installation laeuft, bitte warten Sie".

I believe this is already done: after partitioning & formatting,
"Installieren des Grundsystems" is already be spoken, and percentage
progress is given about every 10%.

> 3. The standard input should be told clearly for blind people, like
> "Standardvorgabe ist jetzt 2, deutsch, Enter Taste wenn ok". The problem
> is, that blind people (and especially blind noobs) need as much guidance and
> information as possible.

I've seen my own students not knowing that pressing enter takes the
default, I guess the wording could be changed from

Prompt: '%c' for help, default=%d>


Prompt: '%c' for help, press enter to choose the default %d (%s)> 

What d-b people think?

That could perhaps make its way for 7.0.1.


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