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Bug#706219: Subject: No boot, Sil 3114 + SATA drive on Debian installer RC1 wheezy v7.0 i386 20130214-11:13

Package: installation-reports
Subject: No boot, Sil 3114 + SATA drive on Debian installer RC1 wheezy
v7.0 i386 20130214-11:13

My old unresolved archived bug#607301,  Dated 16.12.2010, describes
this issue using Squeeze di Beta2.

This new graphical install, will not Auto Re Boot using a Silicon
Image, Inc PCI SATA RAID controller 2006
 and a SATA disk, after installing Debian GNU/Linux installer RC1
wheezy v7.0 i386 20130214-11:13.

I am after the fast disk control bus and future proofing, by buying
SATA DASD (Direct Access Storage Devices) and not pata.
I will not be using the FakeRAID for any hardware raid supplied by the Sil3114.
See DRIVER CONFIGURATION: at the end of this report.

I wanted, and eventually intend to use, the Linux Debian MDADM
Software raid 1, if and when I can get the Debian WHEEZY install
I bought a few of these 2006 controller cards to upgrade my machines
from Dabs.com a couple of years ago.

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK. [E] = Error

Initial boot:                     [O]
Detect network card:    [O]
Configure network:       [O]
Detect CD:                     [O]
Load installer modules: [O]
Detect hard drives:        [O]
Partition hard drives:      [O]
Install base system:    [O] Configure Package Manager: Scanning DVD
set disk, Binary-1,2,3.
Clock/timezone setup:   [O]
User/password setup:    [O]
Install tasks:                     [O]
Install boot loader:          [O]
Overall install:                  [E]  Will not auto boot into new
installed system, at end of install process.

BOOT METHOD:	Before installation; Booting the DVD to install with
'Debian Graphical Installer'.
		After installation; to boot from the only DASD (Direct Access
Storage Device = Hard Disk Drive) MBR (Master Boot Record) in the
machine, not including the unpopulated DVD-ROM. Alas, this reboot

Image version:	The three dvd binaries of Debian GNU/Linux installer
RC1 wheezy v7.0 i386 20130214-11:13
		Configure Package Manager: Scanned DVD disks set Binary-1,2,3.

Machine: 	Motherboard: MS5169, Verion 2.1, AL9.
Processor:	AMD K-6-2/400      400.9Mhz
Memory:		Memtest86+ v4.10   224MB    pass:1, errors:0
Chipset:   	ALI M1541, + ALI M1543.
Bios:		American Megatrend AMIBIOS 1996 A5169MS v2.6 121598

PCI to SATA controller board: Manufacturer: "For Best Ports Connection"
		Sil 3114 sata raid bios version 5.3.14  2006.
		Serial ATA host controller card SA3114-41R  4 port.
		chip: Silicon Image Inc, StealVine Sil 3114 CTU.
		printed on the chip: QG6332.1-1    0644    AD03AX2.
		printed on the sata pci board: SATA3114-A01
		FG-SA3114-4IR-01-BC01  or it might be: FG.SA3114.4IR.01.BC01
		Jumper 4, two pin, is for the disk activity LED.
  According to the box it came in: and its manual SA3114-41R
  Compliant with serial 1.0 specification up to 1.5 Gb/s
  Raid 0 and 1. Supports co-exist RAID set and Non-RAID HDD.
  Remember, I am after Non-RAID HDD support for the fast disk control
bus and future proofing, by buying sata dasd and not pata.
  I do not intend to use the FakeRAID, or any hardware raid function
supplied by the Sil3114 for software MDAM RAID1.

DASD:		The only hard disk drive in the machine:
		Seagate, Barracuda 7200.10, 160GB, SATA up to 3.0 Gb/s
 Model:		ST3160815AS,  p/n: 9cy 132-304
 Firmware:	3.AAC,  Date code: 07422, Site code: TK, Thailand.
 Jumper:	A jumper is supplied for 1.5 Gb/s.
Currently both unjumpered = up to 3.0 Gb/s. (will auto select speed to
1.5 Gb/s.)

Partition Disks SCSI 1 (0,0,0,) (sda) - 160 GB
	    1.0 MB		       FREE SPACE	
 # 1	     2.8 GB		F	swap	/swap	swap
 # 2  157.3 GB	  B	F	ext4	/	/
          859.6 kB			FREE SPACE

I believed swap space should come first (quickest to get to)
especially on a small RAM machine.
I noticed that the Wheezy Guided Partition puts the swap partition at
the end of the list.
I want to understand why. Until I investigate, I will follow the
imperical 'swap partition last' in list, the next time I install.
If it starts swapping, you want swap to be quick to get to. Thrash me
if I am wrong.

BIOS:	AMIBIOS HIFLEX setup utility v1.21 1998 American Megatrends.
 Standard cmos setup:	Screen 1.
  Fast Boot  bypasses filesystem checkup      ( currently on.)
  Base memory: 640KB  Extd memory 223 MB  229,376KB

 Advanced CMOS setup:	Screen 2.
  1st Boot device:	SCSI  ( As written in the Sata raid pci Board user manual.)
  2nd Boot Device:	CD-ROM  (There is a reason for this boot order.)
  3rd Boot Device:	Disabled.
  4th Boot Device:	Disabled.
  Try other Boot Devices?: NO.
  ( I tried <yes> to above line, and it did not recognised the SATA board.)				
  Boot to OS/2:		 NO.

 Advanced Chip Set Up:  ---- Nothing of interest here.

  PCI / Plug and play setup:
  Plug and play aware O/S: Yes
  Offboard PCI IDE CARD?:	 AUTO

 Peripheral Set Up:  ---- Nothing of interest here.

 AUTO-DETECT Hard Disks: (My note; Very important not to forget this, I do.)
  Done.  Press enter to auto reconfigure and display any drive changes here.

The next few lines are bios screen display excerpts after the reboot;

IDE Primary slave: 1.41  CDROM Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110.
(I wonder what 1.41 is? Maybe maximum size capability of the
unpopulated drive 1.47 GB?)

(I then get a 'Silicon Image BIOS' message dialogue)
Sil 3114 SATARaid  BIOS Version 5.3.14   2006  Silicon Image, Inc.
Press <Ctrl+S> or F4 to enter RAID utility
1    ST3160815AS    149 GB

No valid device!  Press any key to continue... or   (<<<------* my eye catcher)
Press <Ctrl+S> or F4 to enter RAID utility
  (Pressing any key to continue finishes with the 'Silicon Image BIOS' messages,
clears the screen and beeps, then continues with an AMIBIOS message dialogue; )

PCI devices: Slot 4 RAID: IRQ9	      (These two lines are an excerpt of many.)
	Manufacturer: "For Best Ports Connection"
( Other less interesting machine contents are detailed and displayed
but I have ignored them.)

Searching for Boot Record from SCSI.. Not Found
Searching for Boot Record from CDROM.. Not Found
(The reason for the above boot order is; If CDROM is set to boot
first, then I only  get the CDROM line, I do not get a 'SCSI.. Not
Found' line.

Boot Failure

Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device
Press any key when ready     (This is the end of my screens BIOS dalogue.)

Having completed a successfull Debian GNU/Linux installer RC1 wheezy
v7.0 i386 20130214-11:13
install, that appears successfull, it fails, unable to auto reboot
into the newly installed Wheezy.

The last few words at the end of the installation and before auto
rebooting, I get :-

"Finish the installation: Installation complete, so it is time to boot
into your new system..."

The hardware post and bios progresses in the 'auto reboot',
 until the bios hands over to continue the ipl / boot from the hard disk.
It is unsuccessful, it  just  waits.
*** This is where the Wheezy install shows itself to fail.
It does not IPL from the newly installed system. ***

The good news during rebooting is, I see a screen prompt;
 'Silicon Image Inc RAID Configuration Utility 2006'
press <Control> + <S> or F4 to enter RAID UtilitySil 3114 SATARaid
BIOS Version 5.3.14

Going into the Utility, it shows in the  'PHYSICAL DRIVE' window
1	ST 3160 815AS	149 GB

Unlike other FakeRaid chips I am familiar with, such as the HighPoint
HPT370, the Silicon Image bios utility for Sil3114 does not allow me
to set a Boot Drive. Well I have not discovered a way using the
utility to set a boot flag, any ideas anyone?
So the system AMIBIOS SETUP; ADVANCED CMOS SETUP; 1st Boot Device:
SCSI is the only way there is to point to a boot device that was
partitioned with the BOOT flag set and with the Partition Manager ( I

I repeated the install up to, but not setting passwords, to get to the
di-mm (Debian Installer-Main Menu)
I used the install disk to get to di-mm by pressing the escape key at
'Configure the network'
then pressing Escape again to get to di-mm. Where I elected to:-

Check the CD-ROM(s) integrity.   (On the same target machine.)
Integrity test successful. The CD-ROM is valid.
  The first 3 dvd binaries for installer RC1 wheezy v7.0 i386
integrity's all passed ok.

>From di-mm "Execute a shell" to look for anything interesting.
lspci -nn
   00:0e.0 RAID bus controller [0104] Silicon Image, Inc.
   Sil 3114 [SATALink / SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller [1095:3114] (rev 02)

I noticed in the manual that there are two types and sets of driver
when using Microsoft O/S's for this controller hardware.
I wondered how, or if there is a way to select the driver or function
type when configuring in Wheezy.
I could not see such a configuration question installing Wheezy.

A single example in the manual of the two sets/types of driver for
Microsoft are:-
a)  SIL3114RAID  :Serial ATA host controller card (BIOS with RAID function).
b)  SIL3114      :Serial ATA host controller card (BIOS without RAID function).
Ideally I would like to use  SATALink b) without the SATA RAID function.

a)  Silicon Image SIL 3114 SATARaid Controller.
b)  Silicon Image SIL 3114 SATALink Controller.

Thank you for any help to get my Sata3114 connected drive machines
booting Wheezy.  Regards,   McTech.

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