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Bug#706112: debian-installer: Wheezy installer always install bootloader in /dev/sda

reassign 706112 grub-installer

Quoting Schloss (schloss.kirchlauter@yandex.ru):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: serious
> Default x86_64 Installation CD of Wheezy has next bug:
> - while it is asking to install bootloader it isn't asking where to
> install bootloader
> In this case, when I install Debian from usb-flash-drive on another
> usb-hard-drive and those names are, for example, /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc,
> I need to install bootloader to /dev/sdc (or /dev/sdb). But installer
> always install bootloader to /dev/sda. Of course, I already had another
> system on /dev/sda, and it was CentOS, so I needed resque disk to
> recover my bootloader from /dev/sda.

It's not always but, yes, there are cases (not clearly identified yet)
where grub-installer does the wrong thing.

Sadly, this issue will probably be in wheezy as nobody digged enough
to tackle this down and we get rid of it before the last version of
D-I is released.

Let's reassign this bug to where it belongs: grub-installer.

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