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Re: [rfc patch] grub-installer - help please

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 02:38:24PM +1000, Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> Hi,
> I am attempting to fix the grub-installer issues last referenced in the
> thread "# d-i wheezy rc2 preparation, take 2". The current state of my
> patch is shown at the end of this message. The basic idea is to add a
> question which lets the user select which disk to use for installation
> of the grub bootloader and show this when appropriate.
> I built a modified udeb and installed it with udpkg near the end of the
> installation, after tasksel was complete.
> The problem I am having is that debconf is failing with an 'internal error',
> error code 100 when I try to have the new question asked.
> Can anyone see what I am doing wrong with the way I am asking debconf to
> do things? The syslog, when I run my modified version from a terminal
> in the installer (DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 sh grub-installer /target)
> looks like this:

I resolved the issue (I was missing the Choices and Choices-C fields
in the template file). I've got a tested patch now and it seems to be
working, will post it shortly.


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