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Bug#705971: debian-installer hangs when tty console in use (console-setup)

The bug happened when the actual installation of packages started.
Unfortunately, I didn't save the log message before rebooting.

The TTY I mentioned is one of the text consoles available through
Ctrl-Alt-Fx (I would say the one I had was the 3), with a Busybox
When the installer stops and hangs at the console-setup configuration,
it is not possible to kill the old busybox process nor start a new
I guess the 'normal' priority is right, although for me it was a
show-stopper for my installation, and I had to abort and repeat the
entire process.
I'll try to install it again using a VM to see if I can catch it with
more details (and snapshots, maybe?).

Thanks for the reply.


On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 10:06 PM, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> severity 705971 normal
> thanks
> Quoting Stefano Forli (ntropia@gmail.com):
>> Package: debian-installer
>> Version: 20130415
>> Severity: critical
>> Tags: installation, wheezy, console-setup
>> It seems that if a TTY console is in use during the installation, the
>> whole installation process hangs and can't be recovered (see below).
>> It is possible to switch to different tty's, but It is not possible to
>> activate other consoles nor kill the one still active (blinking
>> cursor, unresponsive).
>> The log file showed this message, then hungs there for several minutes
>> [xxx] configuring console-setup...
> It's hard to tell when exactly during the installation process you had
> this message. What step where you in?
> What do you mean by "a TTY console is in use during the installation"?
> Lowering the severity anyway as I don't think this is a bug (if one)
> that affects all installs.

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