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Re: Firmware versions for Intel Wireless 6005/6205

On Thu, 2013-04-18 at 04:29 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> (a) Update firmware-iwlwifi to include the new firmware.  Slightly risky
> as our users haven't been testing it.
> (b Change the driver to request firmware ABI 5 then 4.  Trivial code
> change, and only has a negative effect for users that installed
> firmware-iwlwifi from experimental.
> (c) Change the driver to request firmware ABI 5, then 6, then 4.  Bigger
> code change; allows people to use the new firmware if they want it but
> not if they install the firmware-iwlwifi package (as that will have both
> ABI 5 and ABI 6 until post-jessie).
> I think (b) looks like the only viable option.

Is this a significant enough issue to not consider (at least) one of

(d) Postponing the fix to r1

(e) Documenting the issue


Presumably (b) implies a new kernel upload and therefore d-i respin?



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