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Bug#705599: finish-install: 07speakup needs to be updated for Wheezy and GNOME 3

Raphael Hertzog, le Thu 18 Apr 2013 08:27:01 +0200, a écrit :
> 1/ you're setting up dbus within d-i instead of letting it happen during
>    the first boot like on other installation scenarios

? I don't undesrstand this: it only sets up a temporary session just for
setting the value.

> 2/ the multiple dbus-launch means that you start multiple dbus that are
>    left around during the installation (this goes against policy-rc.d
>    which disables daemons on purpose)

Right, I forgot to kill the daemon afterwards.

> 3/ you change directly the user configuration instead of adjusting
>    the defaults (this one is debatable since supplementary users might
>    not want a11y enabled by default but this is a minor inconvenience)

Yes, thus Cc-ing debian-accessibility.  I'm not sure what we really
want.  Most often, users (other than the person who installed the system
with braille or speech) will not want accessibility being enabled.

On the other hand, just changing the default could be less surprising
than having a configured user.

But on the other hand again, having "a file in
/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas outside of dpkg's knowledge" is not a good
thing either, and people will wonder how this script ended up there, and
not coming from a package.

> 4/ if the system is reconfigured so that gsettings uses something else
>    than dconf as backend,

Urgl, so gsettings might be storing parameters another way, depending on
the system preference?  That, however is really a problem indeed.

Would it be possible to store a schema file somewhere in the user home?

Now, an issue is that while finish-install can be updated with a new
patch without rebuilding debian-installer, brltty can not, and rc2,
supposed to be used for 7.0.0, is already on its way.  Ideally we'd use
the same strategy for both the speakup and the brltty installations...


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