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Re: Bug#704934: unblock: gnome-session/ gdm3/3.4.1-7

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> (17/04/2013):
> gdm3/3.4.1-8 has been uploaded in the mean time with a little improvement
> in the way orca is started so that it doesn't display a configuration
> screen on first startup.
> The debdiff is basically the same. There's only one more parameter in
> debian/orca-autostart.desktop.


from a little testing locally, it looks like an improvement over the
current situation in wheezy, and I'd be happy to see those updates in
wheezy (for d-i wheezy rc2 if feasible/reasonable).

As mentioned on IRC, I wouldn't want to leave people with no a11y at
all for a new stable release. :(

Especially since work has finally landed, and since the diffs look

Not sure what to do with brltty yet (discovered it earlier today).
AFAICT updating it in wheezy would be feasible without reuploading
d-i, just by making sure it migrates (along with those two) before
images are built.

Samuel, can you please confirm it's all we need/want on the a11y
front before we put an final end to the d-i wheezy rc2 preparation?


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