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Bug#705564: debootstrap: fails to bootstrap a armhf wheezy system

Control: severity -1 normal

[Please make sure you copy the bug report when replying]

On 17.04.2013 09:29, mail.pourri@laposte.net wrote:
The exact command was:
# debootstrap --arch=armhf wheezy /mnt

On /mnt, I've mounted a virgin new hdd formatted as ext4.
On this hdd, I've restored a one year old backup of a wheezy armhf system.
Since the initial system crashed due to a hard drive failure, I felt
that it would be better to restart from scratch.

If I understand you correctly, I need to move out my
/etc/init.d/*scripts*, debootstrap, and restore them back once
I've installed all the other packages (samba, nginx, etc...), right ?

That might work, but I don't think debootstrap is really designed to be run over the top of an existing system in that way.

I'll let the maintainers correct me if I'm mistaken, but in the meantime this report isn't release critical so I'm downgrading it.



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