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Bug#705457: d-i uses DHCP domain for system hostname

Package: debian-installer
Severity: minor


when installing a system "foo-demo" in the datacentre DMZ,
the DHCP server gave back the following information to d-i:

 hostname foo-demo.tarent.de
 dhcp domain tarentex14.tarent.de

Now, d-i gained a new system hostname prompt since Apr 2012,
in that it now asks, separately, for hostname and domain part
of the hostname; the hostname part is correctly pre-shown as
“foo-demo” but the dhcp domain, instead of the domain part of
the hostname (as delivered by DHCP, and as pointed to in the
reverse DNS entry for the Legacy IP in use), for the domain
part of the system hostname.

I don’t want the system to be named foo-demo.tarentex14.tarent.de
though, and I suspect this, i.e. not using the hostname provided
by DHCP or the reverse DNS entry, will surprise many people.

How about only using the DHCP domain as fallback, i.e. when the
hostname does not have a dot and, possibly, no sensible reverse
DNS entry exists?

This is netcfg 1.108, network-preseed 1.58, wide-dhcpv6-client-udeb
20080615-1.1 (though IP was not used here, only Legacy IP).

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