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Re: Bug#496068: [synaptic] include debian internet repository by default on new installations

Control: retitle -1 debian-installer: no non-security mirror configured after no-network install
Control: reassign -1 debian-installer

CSights <csights@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Package: synaptic
> Version: 0.62
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> 	I just finished installing "Lenny" from the test CD1.  At the time of 
> installation there was no network interface available. I indicated this to 
> the installer by choosing.
> 	After booting to Gnome and running Synaptic there is the security internet 
> repository available, but no "regular" package repository. (e.g. deb 
> http://http.us.debian.org/debian main)

> I think there is not because during 
> installation I had no network interface and an internet repository was not 
> set up.

This is correct.  A regular mirror may not be configured for a variety
of reasons, including that the administrator does not desire this.
There should be few assumptions made about forcing particular

> 	My "wish" is that an internet repository is provided, just like the security 
> repository is.  It might even be inactive by default.  This would allow 
> newbies to simply select that repository and begin updating their system.

Perhaps http.debian.net will soon prove useful enough to be this
inactive default mirror.

> 	Not sure if this is a synaptic or debian installer wish, please forward as 
> necessary.
> Thanks!

Forwarding to debian-installer for that team to ponder.


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