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Bug#704748: task-gnome-desktop: uninstallable on kfreebsd-*

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (09/04/2013):
> After some resyncing in master (it still had the "drop menu" change),
> I come up with the attached debdiff wrt 3.14+nmu1.

Couldn't we just pretend 3.14+nmu1 never happened? See below.

> Basically:
>   [ Christian Perrier ]
>   * Add iw package to Recommends for the laptop and desktop tasks,
>     so that the 'iw' command is available to users.
>     Closes: #697890

Did you see the netcfg upload? Having that in a task is slightly
different (especially for already-installed systems), but I think the
netcfg part is sufficient.

>   [ Kenshi Muto ]
>   * Add mozc-utils-gui to japanese-desktop.

Not convinced it's still time to do such things. Not sure of the
impact on installer images, either.

>   [ Steven Chamberlain ]
>   * Downgrade network-manager-gnome to Recommends, because a
>     Depends relation could only be satisfied on [linux-any]
>     (Closes: #704748)

If we were to keep that change (still not sure, waiting for Steve to
comment on whether we want tasksel or debian-cd patched at this
point), it would be nice to mention a Recommends was added in that
version, rather than changed from a previous version that didn't
really exist.

>   [ Thijs Kinkhorst ]
>   * Language cleanups in Dutch translations.

Why not.

From tasksel (3.14+deb7u1), which you didn't mention:

> +  [ Joey Hess ]
> +  * Fix typo in changelog. Closes: #694894

Why not.

> +  [ Christian Perrier ]
> +  * Add Depends to network-manager-gnome on task-gnome-desktop
> +    Closes: #697868

Not certain, and see above, keep that only in 3.15.

> +  * Drop menu from the desktop task. Closes: #699390

6 months into the freeze? I'm not sure we want that at this point,
but I won't stop release managers from asking for its being merged
if they were so inclined.


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