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Re: Re: Problems and questions with preseeding

(please cc:, not subscribed)


I have taken a swing at this, see below.
When writing, one thing that I found particularly confusing is the sentence:

  The <literal>auto</literal> boot label is not yet defined everywhere.

_Where_ is it not defined? I'm not understanding what universe that
sentence is referring to.
Should this instead be worded '... is not defined on all arches'?

Here's the patch, any good Phil?

--- en/appendix/preseed.xml     (revision 68578)
+++ en/appendix/preseed.xml     (working copy)
@@ -397,7 +397,14 @@
 There are several features of &debian; Installer that combine to allow
 fairly simple command lines at the boot prompt to result in
-arbitrarily complex customized automatic installs.  To illustrate
+arbitrarily complex customized automatic installs. <footnote>
+Note that in this section the 'auto' part of the examples is a
+syslinux <emphasis>boot label</emphasis>
+which adds the kernel parameters <literal>auto=true priority=critical</literal>
+to the <literal>append</literal> command for the boot label.
+</footnote> To illustrate
 this, here are some examples that can be used at the boot prompt:
@@ -491,7 +498,7 @@
 The <literal>auto</literal> boot label is not yet defined everywhere.
 The same effect may be achieved by simply adding the two
 parameters <literal>auto=true priority=critical</literal> to the kernel
-command line.  The <literal>auto</literal> parameter is an alias for
+command line.  The <literal>auto</literal> kernel parameter is an alias for
 <literal>auto-install/enable</literal> and setting it to
 <literal>true</literal> delays the
 locale and keyboard questions until after there has been a chance to

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