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Bug#604134: marked as done (partman-base: Makes MacOS 9 incompatible partition table)

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regarding partman-base: Makes MacOS 9 incompatible partition table
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--- Begin Message ---
Package: installation-reports
Severity: critical
Tags: d-i
Justification: breaks unrelated software (other OS on same computer)

We did a clean new installation of MacOS 9.2.2, and subsequent the next 
step for setting up a dualboot system. We created 3 partitions with MacOS 9 
(1 Linux with 71GB, two hfs+ 30GB) - the Linux partition was first on the
disk, that's what the d-i manual recommends. Then we used the Debian 
netinstaller (default mode) to remove the Linux partition, because yaboot 
needs it's own extra partition. Then we let the installer do the automatic 
Linux partitioning for beginners, on the now empty space. 
The Debian installation worked flawlessly and all data are recognized from 
within debian (even the Mac OS data).

However after rebooting the system, yaboot only found the debian installation
but didn't know anything about the Mac OS 9 system present on the same hard
drive. We manually added the Mac OS installation to yaboot.conf, which kind of
worked (yaboot indeed switches to open firmware) but the Mac OS installation
appears destroyed (the disk symbol with the blinking question mark).

Next step was to reboot from MacOS 9 CD and see what the partitioning 
tool from MacOS can tell. Nothing. "Laufwerke Konfigurieren" (a German 
system - can't remember the English name for the partitioning tool)
reports a not formatted IDE disc.

As said above all MacOS 9 data are accessable from Debian, but it seems to us
Debian partitioning tool is "killing" the non afflicted MacOS 9 partitions for
MacOS 9. We don't know how to get our MacOS 9 system back. People who try to
install Debian not at a seperat hard disk will get serious problems, as they
not only have no dualboot system - they even would have no MacOS anymore and a
kind of complete dataloss, ...

Please let us know if we can help with further information. Also any hints
how to get our MacOS installation back working without reinstalling (and
thus killing Debian) would be appreciated.

-- Package-specific info:

Boot method: CD
Image version: http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-builds/daily/arch-latest/powerpc/iso-cd/debian-testing-powerpc-netinst.iso
Date: Fre Nov 19 16:43:35 CET 2010

Machine: Macintosh PPC G4 @1.4 GHz
Partitions: <df -Tl will do; the raw partition table is preferred>

druck@G414:~$ df -Tl
Dateisystem   Typ    1K&#8208;Blöcke   Benutzt Verfügbar Ben% Eingehängt auf
/dev/hda12    ext3    70154660   3691936  62899056   6% /
tmpfs        tmpfs      256508         0    256508   0% /lib/init/rw
udev         tmpfs      251548       220    251328   1% /dev
tmpfs        tmpfs      256508         0    256508   0% /dev/shm

The MacOS Volumes were hda10 and hda11.
We guess the yaboot-partition is hda9

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot:           [O]
Detect network card:    [O]
Configure network:      [O]
Detect CD:              [O]
Load installer modules: [O]
Detect hard drives:     [O]
Partition hard drives:  [E]
Install base system:    [O]
Clock/timezone setup:   [O]
User/password setup:    [O]
Install tasks:          [O]
Install boot loader:    [E]
Overall install:        [E]


On the "Partition hard drives" error:
After partitioning the hard drive in d-i, the open firmware and the
MacOS installation CDROM both did not recognize any volumes anymore. 
Thus rendering the system unuseable.

On the "Install boot loader": d-i failed to setup the bootloader in way
that the other OS can be loaded. This works for other platforms/OS, so 
we see no obvious reason why that shouldn't work on ppc/MacOS 9 too.

See above for a detailed description of how we used the installer.


Please make sure that the hardware-summary log file, and any other
installation logs that you think would be useful are attached to this
report. Please compress large files using gzip.

Once you have filled out this report, mail it to submit@bugs.debian.org.

Installer lsb-release:
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Debian GNU/Linux installer"
DISTRIB_RELEASE="6.0 (squeeze) - installer build 20101119-00:04"

Installer hardware-summary:
uname -a: Linux G414 2.6.32-5-powerpc #1 Sat Oct 30 23:26:42 UTC 2010 ppc GNU/Linux
lspci -knn: 0000:00:0b.0 Host bridge [0600]: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth AGP [106b:0020]
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: agpgart-uninorth
lspci -knn: 0000:00:10.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R200 QL [Radeon 8500 LE] [1002:514c]
lspci -knn: 	Subsystem: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R200 QL [Radeon 8500 LE] [1002:514c]
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: radeonfb
lspci -knn: 0001:10:0b.0 Host bridge [0600]: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth PCI [106b:001f]
lspci -knn: 0001:10:0d.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21154 [1011:0026] (rev 05)
lspci -knn: 0001:11:02.0 SCSI storage controller [0100]: Adaptec AIC-7850 [9004:5078] (rev 03)
lspci -knn: 	Subsystem: Adaptec Device [9004:7850]
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: aic7xxx
lspci -knn: 0001:11:07.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Apple Computer Inc. KeyLargo Mac I/O [106b:0022] (rev 02)
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: macio
lspci -knn: 0001:11:08.0 USB Controller [0c03]: Apple Computer Inc. KeyLargo USB [106b:0019]
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: ohci_hcd
lspci -knn: 0001:11:09.0 USB Controller [0c03]: Apple Computer Inc. KeyLargo USB [106b:0019]
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: ohci_hcd
lspci -knn: 0001:11:0a.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394) [0c00]: Texas Instruments TSB12LV23 IEEE-1394 Controller [104c:8019]
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: firewire_ohci
lspci -knn: 0002:21:0b.0 Host bridge [0600]: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth Internal PCI [106b:001e]
lspci -knn: 0002:21:0f.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth GMAC (Sun GEM) [106b:0021] (rev 01)
lspci -knn: 	Kernel driver in use: gem
usb-list: Bus 01 Device 01: OHCI Host Controller [1d6b:0001]
usb-list:    Level 00 Parent 00 Port 00  Class 09(hub  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00
usb-list:    Manufacturer: Linux 2.6.32-5-powerpc ohci_hcd
usb-list:    Interface 00: Class 09(hub  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00 Driver hub
usb-list: Bus 01 Device 02: Hub in Apple Extended USB Keyboard [05ac:1002]
usb-list:    Level 01 Parent 01 Port 00  Class 09(hub  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00
usb-list:    Manufacturer: Mitsumi Electric
usb-list:    Interface 00: Class 09(hub  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00 Driver hub
usb-list: Bus 01 Device 03: Apple Extended USB Keyboard [05ac:0205]
usb-list:    Level 02 Parent 02 Port 00  Class 00(>ifc ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00
usb-list:    Manufacturer: Mitsumi Electric
usb-list:    Interface 00: Class 03(HID  ) Subclass 01 Protocol 01 Driver usbhid
usb-list:    Interface 01: Class 03(HID  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00 Driver usbhid
usb-list: Bus 01 Device 04: Apple Optical USB Mouse [05ac:0306]
usb-list:    Level 02 Parent 02 Port 01  Class 00(>ifc ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00
usb-list:    Manufacturer: Fujitsu Component
usb-list:    Interface 00: Class 03(HID  ) Subclass 01 Protocol 02 Driver usbhid
usb-list: Bus 02 Device 01: OHCI Host Controller [1d6b:0001]
usb-list:    Level 00 Parent 00 Port 00  Class 09(hub  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00
usb-list:    Manufacturer: Linux 2.6.32-5-powerpc ohci_hcd
usb-list:    Interface 00: Class 09(hub  ) Subclass 00 Protocol 00 Driver hub
lsmod: Module                  Size  Used by
lsmod: nls_utf8                4504  0 
lsmod: ufs                    78714  0 
lsmod: hfsplus                80912  0 
lsmod: reiserfs              247283  0 
lsmod: binfmt_misc            10371  1 
lsmod: dm_mod                 63547  0 
lsmod: md_mod                 88171  0 
lsmod: xfs                   493681  0 
lsmod: exportfs                6642  1 xfs
lsmod: jfs                   170394  0 
lsmod: hfs                    48162  0 
lsmod: ext4                  320087  0 
lsmod: jbd2                   70877  1 ext4
lsmod: crc16                   4475  1 ext4
lsmod: ext3                  124692  1 
lsmod: jbd                    40847  1 ext3
lsmod: vfat                   12438  0 
lsmod: fat                    49491  1 vfat
lsmod: ext2                   66565  0 
lsmod: mbcache                 8286  3 ext4,ext3,ext2
lsmod: sungem                 30865  0 
lsmod: sungem_phy             12982  1 sungem
lsmod: isofs                  32648  1 
lsmod: firewire_sbp2          16011  0 
lsmod: usb_storage            40502  0 
lsmod: usbhid                 39936  0 
lsmod: hid                    68185  1 usbhid
lsmod: aic7xxx               114153  0 
lsmod: ohci_hcd               35272  0 
lsmod: ide_cd_mod             28561  1 
lsmod: firewire_ohci          25992  0 
lsmod: scsi_transport_spi     24065  1 aic7xxx
lsmod: cdrom                  36699  1 ide_cd_mod
lsmod: ehci_hcd               42846  0 
lsmod: firewire_core          44186  2 firewire_sbp2,firewire_ohci
lsmod: scsi_mod              126838  4 firewire_sbp2,usb_storage,aic7xxx,scsi_transport_spi
lsmod: usbcore               131855  5 usb_storage,usbhid,ohci_hcd,ehci_hcd
lsmod: nls_base                8693  8 nls_utf8,hfsplus,jfs,hfs,vfat,fat,isofs,usbcore
lsmod: crc_itu_t               4495  1 firewire_core
df: Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
df: tmpfs                   256508        72    256436   0% /dev
df: /dev/hdc                240248    240248         0 100% /cdrom
df: /dev/hda12            70154660   3526436  63064556   5% /target
df: /dev/hda12            70154660   3526436  63064556   5% /dev/.static/dev
df: tmpfs                   256508        72    256436   0% /target/dev
free:               total         used         free       shared      buffers
free:   Mem:       513016       487648        25368            0       100612
free:  Swap:      1503304          140      1503164
free: Total:      2016320       487788      1528532
/proc/cmdline: ro ramdisk_size=10240 -- 
/proc/cpuinfo: processor	: 0
/proc/cpuinfo: cpu		: 7455, altivec supported
/proc/cpuinfo: clock		: 1200.000000MHz
/proc/cpuinfo: revision	: 3.3 (pvr 8001 0303)
/proc/cpuinfo: bogomips	: 49.81
/proc/cpuinfo: timebase	: 24907667
/proc/cpuinfo: platform	: PowerMac
/proc/cpuinfo: model		: PowerMac3,1
/proc/cpuinfo: machine		: PowerMac3,1
/proc/cpuinfo: motherboard	: PowerMac3,1 MacRISC2 MacRISC Power Macintosh
/proc/cpuinfo: detected as	: 65 (PowerMac G4 AGP Graphics)
/proc/cpuinfo: pmac flags	: 00000004
/proc/cpuinfo: L2 cache	: 256K unified
/proc/cpuinfo: pmac-generation	: NewWorld
/proc/cpuinfo: Memory		: 512 MB
/proc/ioports: 00000000-007fffff : /pci@f2000000
/proc/ioports:   00000000-00000fff : Legacy IO
/proc/ioports:   00001000-00001fff : PCI Bus 0001:11
/proc/ioports:     00001000-000010ff : 0001:11:02.0
/proc/ioports: 00802000-01001fff : /pci@f0000000
/proc/ioports:   00802400-008024ff : 0000:00:10.0
/proc/ioports: ff7fe000-ffffdfff : /pci@f4000000
/proc/ioports:   ff7fe000-ff7fefff : Legacy IO
/proc/iomem: 80000000-8fffffff : /pci@f2000000
/proc/iomem:   80000000-800fffff : PCI Bus 0001:11
/proc/iomem:     80000000-8007ffff : 0001:11:07.0
/proc/iomem:       80000000-8007ffff : 0.80000000:mac-io
/proc/iomem:         80000050-8000007f : 0.00000050:gpio
/proc/iomem:         80008800-800088ff : 0.00014000:davbus
/proc/iomem:         80008900-800089ff : 0.00014000:davbus
/proc/iomem:         80008a00-80008aff : 0.0001f000:ata-4
/proc/iomem:           80008a00-80008aff : ide-pmac (dma)
/proc/iomem:         80008b00-80008bff : 0.00020000:ata-3
/proc/iomem:           80008b00-80008bff : ide-pmac (dma)
/proc/iomem:         80008c00-80008cff : 0.00021000:ata-3
/proc/iomem:           80008c00-80008cff : ide-pmac (dma)
/proc/iomem:         80013000-80013000 : 0.00013000:ch-b
/proc/iomem:           80013000-80013000 : pmac_zilog
/proc/iomem:         80013010-80013010 : 0.00013000:ch-b
/proc/iomem:           80013010-80013010 : pmac_zilog
/proc/iomem:         80013020-80013020 : 0.00013020:ch-a
/proc/iomem:           80013020-80013020 : pmac_zilog
/proc/iomem:         80013030-80013030 : 0.00013020:ch-a
/proc/iomem:           80013030-80013030 : pmac_zilog
/proc/iomem:         80013040-80013040 : 0.00013000:ch-b
/proc/iomem:           80013040-80013040 : pmac_zilog
/proc/iomem:         80013050-80013050 : 0.00013020:ch-a
/proc/iomem:           80013050-80013050 : pmac_zilog
/proc/iomem:         80014000-80014fff : 0.00014000:davbus
/proc/iomem:         80015000-80015fff : 0.00015000:timer
/proc/iomem:         80016000-80017fff : 0.00016000:via-pmu
/proc/iomem:         80018000-80018fff : 0.00018000:i2c
/proc/iomem:         8001f000-8001ffff : 0.0001f000:ata-4
/proc/iomem:           8001f000-8001ffff : ide-pmac (ports)
/proc/iomem:         80020000-80020fff : 0.00020000:ata-3
/proc/iomem:           80020000-80020fff : ide-pmac (ports)
/proc/iomem:         80021000-80021fff : 0.00021000:ata-3
/proc/iomem:           80021000-80021fff : ide-pmac (ports)
/proc/iomem:         80040000-8007ffff : 0.00040000:interrup
/proc/iomem:     80080000-800807ff : 0001:11:0a.0
/proc/iomem:       80080000-800807ff : firewire_ohci
/proc/iomem:     80081000-80081fff : 0001:11:09.0
/proc/iomem:       80081000-80081fff : ohci_hcd
/proc/iomem:     80082000-80082fff : 0001:11:08.0
/proc/iomem:       80082000-80082fff : ohci_hcd
/proc/iomem:     80083000-80083fff : 0001:11:02.0
/proc/iomem:       80083000-80083fff : aic7xxx
/proc/iomem:     80084000-80087fff : 0001:11:0a.0
/proc/iomem: 90000000-9fffffff : /pci@f0000000
/proc/iomem:   90000000-9000ffff : 0000:00:10.0
/proc/iomem:     90000000-9000ffff : radeonfb mmio
/proc/iomem:   90020000-9003ffff : 0000:00:10.0
/proc/iomem:   98000000-9fffffff : 0000:00:10.0
/proc/iomem:     98000000-9fffffff : radeonfb framebuffer
/proc/iomem: f1000000-f1ffffff : /pci@f0000000
/proc/iomem: f3000000-f3ffffff : /pci@f2000000
/proc/iomem: f5000000-f5ffffff : /pci@f4000000
/proc/iomem:   f5000000-f50fffff : 0002:21:0f.0
/proc/iomem:   f5200000-f53fffff : 0002:21:0f.0
/proc/iomem:     f5200000-f53fffff : sungem
/proc/interrupts:            CPU0       
/proc/interrupts:  19:    1462868   MPIC 1    Level     ide0
/proc/interrupts:  20:       3789   MPIC 1    Level     ide1
/proc/interrupts:  23:          0   MPIC 1    Level     ide2
/proc/interrupts:  25:         77   MPIC 1    Level     VIA-PMU
/proc/interrupts:  26:          0   MPIC 1    Level     keywest i2c
/proc/interrupts:  27:       1160   MPIC 1    Level     ohci_hcd:usb1
/proc/interrupts:  28:          1   MPIC 1    Level     ohci_hcd:usb2
/proc/interrupts:  41:    1104824   MPIC 1    Level     eth0
/proc/interrupts:  42:          0   MPIC 1    Level     keywest i2c
/proc/interrupts:  47:          0   MPIC 1    Level     GPIO1 ADB
/proc/interrupts:  52:          7   MPIC 1    Level     aic7xxx
/proc/interrupts:  55:          0   MPIC 1    Edge      NMI - XMON
/proc/interrupts:  63:        101   MPIC 1    Level     firewire_ohci
/proc/interrupts: BAD:          0
/proc/meminfo: MemTotal:         513016 kB
/proc/meminfo: MemFree:           25368 kB
/proc/meminfo: Buffers:          100612 kB
/proc/meminfo: Cached:           326580 kB
/proc/meminfo: SwapCached:           80 kB
/proc/meminfo: Active:           186476 kB
/proc/meminfo: Inactive:         228308 kB
/proc/meminfo: Active(anon):        740 kB
/proc/meminfo: Inactive(anon):    19632 kB
/proc/meminfo: Active(file):     185736 kB
/proc/meminfo: Inactive(file):   208676 kB
/proc/meminfo: Unevictable:       32708 kB
/proc/meminfo: Mlocked:               0 kB
/proc/meminfo: HighTotal:             0 kB
/proc/meminfo: HighFree:              0 kB
/proc/meminfo: LowTotal:         513016 kB
/proc/meminfo: LowFree:           25368 kB
/proc/meminfo: SwapTotal:       1503304 kB
/proc/meminfo: SwapFree:        1503164 kB
/proc/meminfo: Dirty:              2028 kB
/proc/meminfo: Writeback:             0 kB
/proc/meminfo: AnonPages:         20252 kB
/proc/meminfo: Mapped:             2456 kB
/proc/meminfo: Shmem:                72 kB
/proc/meminfo: Slab:              31820 kB
/proc/meminfo: SReclaimable:      28720 kB
/proc/meminfo: SUnreclaim:         3100 kB
/proc/meminfo: KernelStack:         480 kB
/proc/meminfo: PageTables:          540 kB
/proc/meminfo: NFS_Unstable:          0 kB
/proc/meminfo: Bounce:                0 kB
/proc/meminfo: WritebackTmp:          0 kB
/proc/meminfo: CommitLimit:     1759812 kB
/proc/meminfo: Committed_AS:      24808 kB
/proc/meminfo: VmallocTotal:     473224 kB
/proc/meminfo: VmallocUsed:       25528 kB
/proc/meminfo: VmallocChunk:     440556 kB
/proc/bus/input/devices: I: Bus=0017 Vendor=0001 Product=0001 Version=0100
/proc/bus/input/devices: N: Name="Macintosh mouse button emulation"
/proc/bus/input/devices: P: Phys=
/proc/bus/input/devices: S: Sysfs=/devices/virtual/input/input0
/proc/bus/input/devices: U: Uniq=
/proc/bus/input/devices: H: Handlers=mouse0 
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: EV=7
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: KEY=70000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: REL=3
/proc/bus/input/devices: I: Bus=0019 Vendor=0001 Product=0001 Version=0100
/proc/bus/input/devices: N: Name="PMU"
/proc/bus/input/devices: P: Phys=
/proc/bus/input/devices: S: Sysfs=/devices/virtual/input/input1
/proc/bus/input/devices: U: Uniq=
/proc/bus/input/devices: H: Handlers=kbd 
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: EV=23
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: KEY=100000 0 0 0
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: SW=1
/proc/bus/input/devices: I: Bus=0003 Vendor=05ac Product=0205 Version=0110
/proc/bus/input/devices: N: Name="Mitsumi Electric Apple Extended USB Keyboard"
/proc/bus/input/devices: P: Phys=usb-0001:11:08.0-1.1/input0
/proc/bus/input/devices: S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0001:10/0001:10:0d.0/0001:11:08.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.1/1-1.1:1.0/input/input2
/proc/bus/input/devices: U: Uniq=
/proc/bus/input/devices: H: Handlers=kbd 
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: EV=120013
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: KEY=10000 7 ff9f207a c14057ff febeffdf ffefffff ffffffff fffffffe
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: MSC=10
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: LED=1f
/proc/bus/input/devices: I: Bus=0003 Vendor=05ac Product=0205 Version=0110
/proc/bus/input/devices: N: Name="Mitsumi Electric Apple Extended USB Keyboard"
/proc/bus/input/devices: P: Phys=usb-0001:11:08.0-1.1/input1
/proc/bus/input/devices: S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0001:10/0001:10:0d.0/0001:11:08.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.1/1-1.1:1.1/input/input3
/proc/bus/input/devices: U: Uniq=
/proc/bus/input/devices: H: Handlers=kbd 
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: EV=13
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: KEY=10000 17a 840c000 e0000 0 0 0
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: MSC=10
/proc/bus/input/devices: I: Bus=0003 Vendor=05ac Product=0306 Version=0110
/proc/bus/input/devices: N: Name="Fujitsu Component Apple Optical USB Mouse"
/proc/bus/input/devices: P: Phys=usb-0001:11:08.0-1.2/input0
/proc/bus/input/devices: S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0001:10/0001:10:0d.0/0001:11:08.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.2/1-1.2:1.0/input/input4
/proc/bus/input/devices: U: Uniq=
/proc/bus/input/devices: H: Handlers=mouse1 
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: EV=17
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: KEY=10000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: REL=3
/proc/bus/input/devices: B: MSC=10

-- System Information:
Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (500, 'testing')
Architecture: powerpc (ppc)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.32-5-powerpc
Locale: LANG=de_AT.utf8, LC_CTYPE=de_AT.utf8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

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Source: installation-guide
Source-Version: 20130408

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
installation-guide, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive.

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to 604134@bugs.debian.org,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (supplier of updated installation-guide package)

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 installation-guide-s390 - Debian installation guide for s390
 installation-guide-s390x - Debian installation guide for s390x
 installation-guide-sparc - Debian installation guide for sparc
Closes: 604134
 installation-guide (20130408) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Samuel Thibault ]
   * Document IPv6 preseeding. Thanks Vincent McIntyre for the suggestion.
   * Rename disable_dhcp into disable_autoconfig, the former is now deprecated.
   * Document that IPv6 autoconfiguration is disabled along DHCP.
   * Disable outdated Catalan and Finnish translations.
   * Update installation sizes.
   * Document that the mirror host name actually has to be a URL base for now.
   * Suffix web documents with http lang ids rather than locale lang ids, for
     working content-language negociation.
   * Fix space typo reported by Enrico Zini.
   * Fix spurious syncs reported by Enrico Zini.
   * Fix Linux kernel package version, reported by Enrico Zini.
   * /etc/adjtime is not automatically built by debootstrap any more, document
     how to create it.
   [ Milan Kupcevic ]
   * Debian-installer partition table editing tool not compatible with
     MacOS 9. Closes: #604134.
 433011ae5b3cf93c33392dfcb85e714972c206ea 2332 installation-guide_20130408.dsc
 820aa89668c64efb474edcc3bc3a9e6be21a19f3 8353068 installation-guide_20130408.tar.gz
 dd79224f957efa8600b8cc96cbc0b0ac5b0ee3eb 14931860 installation-guide-amd64_20130408_all.deb
 0ac972523bc9d845999ffaa4c99c2d46e908884f 13124634 installation-guide-armel_20130408_all.deb
 5d33ca3d8893516d8bd7919fb47e5da2930c89c6 13123914 installation-guide-armhf_20130408_all.deb
 99aec6622f085130385633b4d54eb7c28523c1b2 15032274 installation-guide-i386_20130408_all.deb
 8a8606e15d4513dbae66e07e8445d56fee541959 13583980 installation-guide-ia64_20130408_all.deb
 f99d910f840be0467745014cca8a180d0d6c0598 13367824 installation-guide-kfreebsd-amd64_20130408_all.deb
 d48bbf7721e76ebd1b56206491eef511a2dca63c 13340286 installation-guide-kfreebsd-i386_20130408_all.deb
 67856afe75261973cee116c5ebcc01625c30fa65 12859236 installation-guide-mips_20130408_all.deb
 640a2697b0575e386c315d1cd9e032666b75e92e 12822214 installation-guide-mipsel_20130408_all.deb
 14afc6240ffe381ab27a307b69d3b690ec0ea8fa 14486192 installation-guide-powerpc_20130408_all.deb
 83fafadd260ec27694a705a0feb610e38fa3ca1e 11834222 installation-guide-s390_20130408_all.deb
 006f45a7ac2cfff94693dfae9b04a1b167cf7ee4 11834348 installation-guide-s390x_20130408_all.deb
 ff8a95e0f71404c44ac37db6ff1ee63b5beac03c 13425548 installation-guide-sparc_20130408_all.deb
 1cb1f6de85e716470fe3ea369d8713d6749f7e46925e6e4de0ddca15150a2aa2 2332 installation-guide_20130408.dsc
 2d59792e13b55d96e692845891e8ebc7c20e40a013a447db3244d3d40eb08643 8353068 installation-guide_20130408.tar.gz
 5cf2ce86c2d587f9661880f9cd6a4cfcf4ee7d53442deac9e72d0688fb9315e0 14931860 installation-guide-amd64_20130408_all.deb
 0d82fb6cf714ff6c7870e86ef000e1863209f41ecdbca4a2333a4ccb5da242fd 13124634 installation-guide-armel_20130408_all.deb
 7fec44d43bd25f68f2fc1d7ba8d95b7ce28fe57b904890a1aa6682d5b1cd9c82 13123914 installation-guide-armhf_20130408_all.deb
 5f74d52f372a56c8fc9e77ba9a7847dae1819b0f1e34df65e72fb0872a124485 15032274 installation-guide-i386_20130408_all.deb
 2ec2631ce3e60b5840f44db6620f92ee60e4c9c217bbe6385716cf614beed8f9 13583980 installation-guide-ia64_20130408_all.deb
 3d2c452583e5e67d5c0bb76a25364548956088b77c69409ac75274d176fd880e 13367824 installation-guide-kfreebsd-amd64_20130408_all.deb
 2de714da25d84deb875b24e6478f6d8174c2c79754cb30899075840f3fe7c47b 13340286 installation-guide-kfreebsd-i386_20130408_all.deb
 3801f9d329743d3c6784d035daa865ba2587fb890f81e1d7babe739836b01370 12859236 installation-guide-mips_20130408_all.deb
 2e9744cc908b4e95751efa5cd852073626923df8a02ecf49476a2d5966a455d8 12822214 installation-guide-mipsel_20130408_all.deb
 4a58c969b46c28636bd5ffe25445b7169a5813c5a83fbd39d39c2dd5f454277f 14486192 installation-guide-powerpc_20130408_all.deb
 599fa40b47e1f8e131bd2704771d241119cd7381cf29f93fa728045f1a9d8632 11834222 installation-guide-s390_20130408_all.deb
 0b7010ff670dae5fc92a433a8952622c290381db9cca1163855c78d9545528c5 11834348 installation-guide-s390x_20130408_all.deb
 d3de57bc59d5ca210a3a2fc9adab23b32c8a3fd0a0c888492f344e3f24d3890f 13425548 installation-guide-sparc_20130408_all.deb
 6f69832aef97a1a867e8b84fcbf41bfc 2332 doc optional installation-guide_20130408.dsc
 5465e12d22adb1640056fbf280a5e6c5 8353068 doc optional installation-guide_20130408.tar.gz
 65622afcec62bafc3f49402d91761b88 14931860 doc optional installation-guide-amd64_20130408_all.deb
 0b4fbd125b43bf19bcd02fa48237c8f8 13124634 doc optional installation-guide-armel_20130408_all.deb
 81fc71525dbc28f1357fc06275d4725c 13123914 doc optional installation-guide-armhf_20130408_all.deb
 e17ade340eae7766e6c8eed6de7f48f3 15032274 doc optional installation-guide-i386_20130408_all.deb
 63aa64e9bf05acbf9ea810286810eb06 13583980 doc optional installation-guide-ia64_20130408_all.deb
 d9c0ce37ef45492695b0a4d428b36a42 13367824 doc optional installation-guide-kfreebsd-amd64_20130408_all.deb
 f0cc39b0d7752724a9279ddf96fc2389 13340286 doc optional installation-guide-kfreebsd-i386_20130408_all.deb
 bfcbecc5d24a5c5137b64cb1551ce0c2 12859236 doc optional installation-guide-mips_20130408_all.deb
 db403ca568966e7c7a66129948840c48 12822214 doc optional installation-guide-mipsel_20130408_all.deb
 e100170afd08e1652a2633979710d0bd 14486192 doc optional installation-guide-powerpc_20130408_all.deb
 0419170718a8be3116a3bce0e5a24829 11834222 doc optional installation-guide-s390_20130408_all.deb
 1dc2985c71e227700c88dc48d194ebbf 11834348 doc optional installation-guide-s390x_20130408_all.deb
 be8053453b9c184ce838a10259f38212 13425548 doc optional installation-guide-sparc_20130408_all.deb

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