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d-i wheezy rc2 preparation, take 2

Hello folks,

here's another set of queries.

Please hurry those into testing:
 - apt-setup/1:0.79
     l10n + apt-setup/multiarch unbreakage. Even if AFAICT it's
     undocumented, keeping nonworking cruft looks like a bad idea
     since we can avoid it with a tiny patch.
 - choose-mirror/2.45
     Kindly uploaded by Christian according to the "take 1" mail.
 - rootskel-gtk/1.27
     Fix theme=dark; not sure why it wasn't migrated already, but
     I guess it doesn't matter much, probably failed to ask for it.

And also those (l10n only):
 - cdebconf/0.182
 - network-console/1.43
 - partman-basicmethods/52
 - partman-crypto/57
 - partman-efi/36
 - partman-partitioning/91
 - partman-target/82
 - preseed/1.58

Thanks already!


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